• For all of your home or business electrical needs.
  •  Electrical rewiring for your home or office.
  •  Capacity and safety upgrades to your wiring installation.
  •  New wiring for additional appliances such as Air Conditioning units, new installations, repairs and circuit breaker upgrades, single to 3 phase upgrades.


Upgrades to your electrical switchboard, power capacity upgrades and safety switches to meet Australian standards.


  • All of your indoor lighting needs, including installations and replacements, Recessed lighting and down lights, LED lighting.
  • All Climates has had years of experience in Lighting design. We specialize in making lighting unique to your home, office or shop.


All light commercial electrical needs including offices and shops.


  • All Climates represents some of the leading real estate agents in Sydney.
  • We offer on-going property maintenance for strata and property managers.
  • No job is too small.


All Climates can install electrical appliances such as:

▣   Ceiling Fans
▣   Air Conditioners
▣   Security/Sensor Lights
▣   Chandelier
▣   Smoke Detectors
▣   Electric ovens
▣   Exhaust Fans
▣   Dryers
▣   Pumps (waterfalls, water tanks, dams, spa’s)
▣   Elect heaters
▣   Power Points
▣   Fan/Light Heaters
▣   Lights
▣   Exhaust Fan Installation
▣   Dimmer Switches/ 2 Way switches. Etc

Efficient and Professional Electrician in Western Sydney

Whether you need a repair, service or installation, our professional electrician in Western Sydney offers high quality, friendly and efficient electrical service. Our family-owned and operated business has been a trusted and reliable business for more than 15 years, and our licensed technicians are adept at various forms of electrical work within the commercial and residential domains.

Problems Our Electrician in Sydney’s Western Suburbs Addresses
Our experienced technicians can help you with a wide variety of electrical problems, including:
  • Circuit breakers frequently tripping: If your circuit breaker trips often, this could be an indication that your circuits are overloaded. Our professional electricians can quickly assess your situation and upgrade your switchboard to handle your power consumption, install sub-panels or a new circuit.
  • Flickering lights and loose wiring: LED and fluorescent lights are more prone to flickering than others, however, if your lights flicker when you turn on a high wattage appliance, the cause could be due to loose wiring. Loose wiring in your home can be a fire hazard so should be assessed by an electrician.
  • Smell or smoke: You should immediately turn off the power to your outlets or switches if you notice a burning smell or see smoke. These signs are indicative of an electrical fire or an overload problem that our technicians can rectify.
We have the tools, resources and knowledge to repair small and large electrical issues professionally.
Related Services We Provide as an Electrician in Inner West Sydney
We offer various electrical services, including:
  • Rewiring for home and business: If you have redundant wiring that requires removal or you require new wiring in your home or business to accommodate your power usage, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to safely and professionally rewire. This service also includes new wiring for appliance installation such as air conditioning units.
  • Installations: Our electricians are adept at new installations such as switchboards, lights, ceiling fans, air conditioning, outlets, smoke alarms, electric ovens, water pumps and more. We ensure to meet the Australian electrical standards in every job we complete, and our technicians maintain high standards of workmanship.
  • Lighting: Whether you have a new office to fit out or want to upgrade your indoor lights at home, we have experience in lighting design and installation. Our technicians help you to select lights that will suit your requirements such as recessed or downlights and will make the design unique to your space.
Why Should You Use All Climates Air Conditioning & Electrical?
We offer excellent customer service, and our technicians are trained and qualified. Our trusted business ensures to complete jobs to a high standard, and we keep our overheads low to help maintain our competitive prices. We have extensive experience in the installation and service of various air conditioning, refrigeration, mechanical ventilation and related equipment. Contact us today for a free installation quote or to book your next air conditioning service.

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