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All Climates service all of Baulkham Hills, and provide electrician and air conditioning expertise to local customers.

With our head office being so close to the Hills District, we understand your electrical and air conditioning needs more than any other business. We understand the local community, weather conditions, and even any special conditions which relate to the electricity available to your community. All Climates are your one stop shop for your domestic and commercial electrician needs, and also anything and everything air conditioning.

Air Conditioning Services in Baulkham Hills

Your air conditioning can be seen as one of the most important elements to your home or office, especially in the summer time. Being so far inland in Baulkham Hills, you lack the cool sea breeze that people get living closer to the ocean. With this being said, we are available any time to assist with all of your air conditioning requirements.

air conditioning Baulkham Hills

Air Conditioner Installation Baulkham Hills

Being in the game for over 16 years, we know which are the best quality, value and have the longest life. We sell and install only the highest quality brands of air conditioners, for those who require one of the following for their home:

  • Split system

  • Multi split system

  • Ducted air conditioning system

Its very important that the installation of your new air conditioner is done by the right professionals, and poorly done installation work can result in bad cooling efficiency, or a shorter lifespan of the cooling unit. Not only can bad installation work cause issues for the unit, it can also prove to be potentially dangerous, causing issues with electrical, pipe work, or with the mounting itself.


All Climates have a specialized department for coordinating and carrying out new air conditioner installations, qualified in all aspects needed to safely and efficiently install your new air conditioner.

For more details, call now, or view our installations page.

Service and Repair your Air Conditioner in Baulkham Hills

In a lot of cases, a new air conditioner is not needed, as your existing system might just need a service. A service can range from a simple clean, to a complete overhaul or repair to bring it back to its original glory. All Climates are happy to come out and take a look at your current air conditioner, and tell you in an easy to understand language what's required to get it back up and running. We will also provide an obligation free quote, so you can make an informed decision about what you would like to do.

Some of the servicing we might perform depending on your system includes:


  • Cleaning all of the filters and other parts of your air conditioner

  • Make sure the airflow throught your system is correct

  • Making sure your system is drawing the correct amount of electricity

  • Ensuring there are no air leaks

  • Tightening the flare nuts to make sure there are no gas leaks from your system


By preventing issues before any major problems occur, you are able to have your air conditioner function very efficiently and prevent costly repairs in the future.

Contact us for more information, or read more about our air conditioning servicing.

Split System Air Conditioning Baulkham Hills

Split system air conditioners are wall mounted units that are slim and stylish that make verry little to no sound in the room they are installed in. The reason split systems are called split is because the system is split up into 2 units, the indoor unit that goes in the room that needs to be cooled, and the condensing unit can go just about anywhere outside, keeping the noise inside the house extremely low.


Some of the features of a split system air conditioner unit include:


  • Soft start

  • Remote control operation

  • Sleep timers

  • Auto cleaning

  • Auto changeover

  • Plasma air conditioner filter

  • Inverter options (for lower electricity usage)


For more information about a new or existing split system air conditioner, contact our friendly staff today about how we can help.

Electrician Baulkham Hills

If the electrical work in your home or office isn't working properly, or simply not at all, its time to give All Climates a call. We will come out and take a look at the problem, and let you know what's going on. Electricity can be very dangerous when someone who is not a qualified or experienced plays around with your wiring, so call All Climates who can send out a licensed, qualified and experienced electrician today.

electrician Baulkham Hills

Domestic and Home Electrical Services

All Climates are one of the few electricians in Western Sydney who will respect your home by cleaning up after the work that we do, regardless of the job. If you have a new washing machine that needs to be installed using new wiring, or even a new home that needs to have the electrical work installed, we are ready to take your call.

Get in touch if you have any questions or need an electrician for your home, or read more about our domestic electrical services.

Commercial Electrical Services

The last thing your business needs is a liability lawsuit from bad wiring done by an unprofessional and dodgy electrician. This is why it's so important to have All Climates take care of your commercial electrical needs. There is no job too big or small for us, and our prices and quality of work cannot be beat.

Give us a call to speak to a qualified expert about your office or business, or read more about our commercial electrical services.

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