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Split System Air Conditioning Services in Greater Sydney

All Climates are your local split system air conditioning specialists in Sydney, helping customers for over 15 years with their new split systems for their home or business. Whether you need a single split system for a small bedroom, a multi split system for multiple room of your home, or a larger split system for a larger room such as an open floor office or lounge room, then you have come to the right place.

What is a split system air conditioner?

A split system air conditioner is an air conditioning system that is comprised of 2 main parts. An indoor unit that is generally mounted high up on the wall in a room or office, with the outdoor unit (which is the compressor) that is which is installed in an area that does not create a lot of noise for the occupants of the home or office. In more common terms, split system air conditioners are the ones that are generally used to cool a single room, and are the most common type of air conditioner you would see in the bedroom of a home.

How do split system air conditioners work?

In a split system, the compressor condenses and circulates the refrigerant through the outdoor unit, changing it from a gas to a liquid. The liquid is then forced through the indoor evaporator coil or cooling compartment. The indoor unit’s fan circulates the inside air to pass across the evaporator fins. The evaporator’s metal fins exchange the thermal energy with the air around it. There, the refrigerant turns from liquid into vapor, removing any heat from the surrounding air. As the heat is removed from the air, the air is cooled and blown back into the house.

From that point, the condenser or outdoor unit then turns the refrigerant vapor back into a liquid, removing any heat. By the time the fluid leaves the evaporator again, it is a cool, low-pressure gas, eventually returning to the condenser to begin its trip all over again. This process continues again and again until your home reaches the cooling temperature you want, as programmed and sensed by your thermostat setting.

Are split system air conditioners expensive to maintain?

Split system air conditioners are generally low maintenance, as they are considered quite reliable. As for the cost to maintain, this can vary depending on if your system requires repairs or not. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to get your air conditioner serviced around once a year. This can cost in Australia between $150 and $250, and in turn can save you approximately 5% a year on your energy bills by doing so. Maintaining your split system air conditioner can also help prevent damage which can be more costly, depending on the repairs needed.

How much does it cost to run a split system air conditioner?

This is a bit of a ‘’how long is a piece of string’’ question, as there are countless factors that can influence the answer. These different factors include how many kW your split system air conditioner is, how many hours a day you would run it for, and what temperature you run it at. If you would like to know how much a split system air conditioning system would cost to run in your home or office, then contact one of the friendly staff at All Climates to discuss your needs, and we can provide you detailed information as to how much it will cost for you to run your new system.

How much does it cost to purchase a split system air conditioner?

We not only install and repair air conditioners for residential and commercial customers, we are also the proud owners of All Climates Online, a supplier of air conditioner units across Australia. With this being said, we are able to provide some of the best prices available on a wide range of split system air conditioning units. Contact us today to discuss your air conditioning needs, otherwise feel free to browse our online store below to see some of our pricing.


Other services offered by All Climates Air Conditioning and Electrical

Cleaning the Filters

Split System Air Conditioners

All Climates provides and installs a wide range of split system air conditioning units for your home and office

Ducted Air Conditioners

For all of your ducted air conditioning and heating systems, All Climates have your needs covered.

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Air Conditioning Installations

If you require the installation of a new air conditioning unit for your home or office, All Climates are here to help.

Repairs and Servicing

We provide all types of repairs and servicing for just about any air conditioning unit, both residential and commercial.

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Living Room

Residential Air Conditioning

All Climates provide installations, repairs, servicing and sales of new air conditioner units for your home.

Commercial Air Conditioning

All Climates are your local commercial air conditioning specialists helping with all air con needs for your office or business.

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Electrical Services

Any electrical services you require, from fixing or replacing a light switch to re wiring an entire office or home, we have the professionals to cover your needs.

Looking to buy an air conditioning unit? View our All Climates Online store now for some great deals on LG, Daikin and Gree!

Our Standards at All Climates


Dedicated to our customers, we aim to provide the highest quality workmanship possible. 

Customer Relations

All Climates are a family business, and understand that more important than any other aspect in our business is good relationships with our customers.


Being a family business, we know first hand the importance of working as a team, to provide better, more cost effective and safer outcomes for everyone.


Your safety is our number one priority, and therefore believe that no compromises should be made when working on your home or office.

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About All Climates Air Conditioning and Electrical

All Climates were established in 2004 and located in Seven Hills, Western Sydney. Dedicated to our customers, we maintain a high standard of quality work, at an extremely competitive price.

We have many years of experience in servicing, repair and installation work for all air conditioning, refrigeration, evaporative cooler, mechanical ventilation or any cooling unit you might have. With this being said, we keep our overheads low, so we can in turn pass on savings to our customers.

Our Service Areas

All Climates provides air conditioning and electrical services to customers across Greater Sydney, Central Coast, and everywhere in between. This includes Baulkham Hills, Penrith, Kellyville, Willoughby, Blacktown, Parramatta, Epping, Merrylands, Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains and Castle Hill.

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