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Residential Air Conditioning Services

Split Systems | Ducted Systems | Repairs | Servicing

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For all of your residential air conditioning needs across Sydney, contact All Climates today for an obligation free quote!


Repairs and Servicing

New Unit Sales

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Residential Air Conditioning Services in Greater Sydney

All Climates offers a wide range of air conditioning services for residential customers across Greater Sydney. Anything from a single split system for a room in your home, up to a comprehensive ducted heating and cooling system for a multi floor dwelling, we have over 15 years of experience in providing air conditioning work for your home. We are a specialist dealer for many brands, and are able to provide not only the installation of new air conditioner systems, but we are also very highly rated for repairs and servicing.

Choosing the best system for your home

How do you know which is the best system for your home? There are many factors to consider when choosing a type of air conditioner to install, which can make the selection process quite daunting. For example, are you installing an air conditioner in a home that is still under construction, or is your an already built? How many different rooms do you require to be cooled? Also, does each room need to be able to set their own temperature? What kind of budget do you have for your new air conditioner? Other important information that will help decide what type of air conditioner to choose is the type of material your home is built with. Are your walls concrete, double brick, steel trusses and so on? Also when deciding on which air conditioner you can use for your home, it’s a good idea to take into consideration the electricity cost of running it. As the space that needs to be cooled gets bigger, the ongoing cost can become more expensive.


Once we know a little bit about what you need and the current state of your home (and budget you are working with), All climates are able to help you choose the right air conditioner to tick all the boxes.

Split systems

A split system air conditioning unit is fantastic for cooling one room in a cost-effective way. These systems can be quite easy to install, very quiet when operating, and in a lot of cases are reverse cycle meaning you can use them as a heater in the winter months. A split system air conditioner consists of 2 parts, the compressor unit which is installed outside of the home, and the indoor unit which is installed in the room that you want to be cooled. These types of air conditioners are very popular for homes as they blend in with the décor of the room very well and do not look intrusive in any way.


Depending on the size of the room requiring the air conditioner, split systems can come in many different sizes, with the most popular being 12,000 BTU for a small bedroom, 18,000 BTU for a larger bedroom, and 24,000 BTU for a larger dining or loungeroom.

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Multi split systems for your home

 A multi split air conditioner is a system that is the same as a split system, however it has multiple indoor units allowing different rooms in your home to be set to different temperatures using the 1 outdoor compressor. A multi split air conditioner is great for those who love the versatility of split systems, however don’t quite want to commit to a ducted system for the entire home. For example, a single split system air conditioner can cool one room using 1 compressor unit outside. However the multi split can cool or heat multiple rooms at individually set temperatures, while still using the one compressor unit.

Ducted air conditioning systems for your home

A ducted air conditioning system for your home is a great way to keep your entire house cool in summer, while allowing each individual room to set their own temperature. Being the most powerful types of air conditioning systems you can get for your home, one of the biggest benefits of ducted over split systems is that your entire home can be cooled (or heated) in minutes. With the improvements of technology over the years, ducted air conditioning systems have become one of the more efficient methods of cooling an entire home. It’s a good idea to keep in mind however that a ducted system can cost a bit more to install than split systems, as there is more piping and ducts that are needed to be installed.

How much does it cost to install air conditioning in my home?

How much it costs to install an air conditioner in your home can vary quite a bit, depending on the size of the rooms needing to be cooled, how many rooms, the type of material the walls and roofing of your home are made from, and also the type of air conditioner you want. It’s a good idea to speak to one of the professional staff here at All Climates as we can come out and discuss your requirements, and provide an obligation free quote.


Other services offered by All Climates Air Conditioning and Electrical

Cleaning the Filters

Split System Air Conditioners

All Climates provides and installs a wide range of split system air conditioning units for your home and office

Ducted Air Conditioners

For all of your ducted air conditioning and heating systems, All Climates have your needs covered.

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Air Conditioning Installations

If you require the installation of a new air conditioning unit for your home or office, All Climates are here to help.

Repairs and Servicing

We provide all types of repairs and servicing for just about any air conditioning unit, both residential and commercial.

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Living Room

Residential Air Conditioning

All Climates provide installations, repairs, servicing and sales of new air conditioner units for your home.

Commercial Air Conditioning

All Climates are your local commercial air conditioning specialists helping with all air con needs for your office or business.

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Electrical Services

Any electrical services you require, from fixing or replacing a light switch to re wiring an entire office or home, we have the professionals to cover your needs.

Looking to buy an air conditioning unit? View our All Climates Online store now for some great deals on LG, Daikin and Gree!

Our Standards at All Climates


Dedicated to our customers, we aim to provide the highest quality workmanship possible. 

Customer Relations

All Climates are a family business, and understand that more important than any other aspect in our business is good relationships with our customers.


Being a family business, we know first hand the importance of working as a team, to provide better, more cost effective and safer outcomes for everyone.


Your safety is our number one priority, and therefore believe that no compromises should be made when working on your home or office.

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About All Climates Air Conditioning and Electrical

All Climates were established in 2004 and located in Seven Hills, Western Sydney. Dedicated to our customers, we maintain a high standard of quality work, at an extremely competitive price.

We have many years of experience in servicing, repair and installation work for all air conditioning, refrigeration, evaporative cooler, mechanical ventilation or any cooling unit you might have. With this being said, we keep our overheads low, so we can in turn pass on savings to our customers.

Our Service Areas

All Climates provides air conditioning and electrical services to customers across Greater Sydney, Central Coast, and everywhere in between. This includes Baulkham Hills, Penrith, Kellyville, Willoughby, Blacktown, Parramatta, Epping, Merrylands, Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains and Castle Hill.

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